Receiving and Delivery

BAI has over 60,000 sq feet of warehouse and a fleet of bobtail delivery trucks allowing them to process jobs of any size with the utmost efficiency.


Your order of fine furniture will be meticulously inspected for damage before being signed for. Pictures are taken of any damaged items to make the freight claim as easy as possible. Items are then carefully blanket wrapped, palletized, and stored in our warehouse, tagged with a locator number and tracked in our computerized inventory system.


When your space is ready, BAI will carefully load each piece of furniture using the requisite blankets, cardboard, bubble wrap and any other packaging materials to make sure that your furniture arrives intact.

Our GPS monitored fleet of moving trucks make sure that our drivers are always on time and can be re-routed and advised per changes in traffic or weather conditions.

Our delivery staff is professional and courteous, and we are professionals at handling oversized objects and navigating awkward building angles and procedures.


Bay Area Installations adheres to the R.I.P.E. system for receiving and delivery:

Receive - We receive many shipments every day into our collective 60,000 sq/ft of warehouse space, which can accomodate dock deliveries, as well as specialty receipts requiring the use of special ramps, and forklift vehicles.

Inspect - We carefully inspect each piece we receive for damage, take photos of any that are found, and put the item away safe and protected.

Process - We mark each shipment that comes in with a locator number so that it can be easily and reliably accessed. This information is then entered into our computer inventory system and checked against the total product we are expecting for the project. Any concerns or damage reports are communicated to the customer quickly and clearly.

Expedite - It is BAI's desire to get orders scheduled ASAP once received complete, but the main focus is on customer satisfaction. Sometimes we can receive an order at noon and have it to the customer by 3PM. Other times, depending on a customer's need, delivery may need to be delayed by days or even weeks. For this reason, BAI typically offers 30 days of free storage on booked installations. 

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