Moving and Relocation

In early 2012, Bay Area Installations showed up to move a popular social media site's office to it's new home in the SOMA district of San Francisco. 

We had walked through the site, given our quote, met with the corporate contacts - everything should have been ready.

One problem: nothing was ready. Not only were none of the employee offices packed or labled, but we arrived in the middle of a huge employee party.

Champagne was being poured, food was being prepared - people were ready for a good time, but certainly not for a large office relocation.

It could have been a disaster, but for the cool thinking and expert experience of Bay Area Installations.

Step 1: Call for Back-up

 - Bay Area Installations employees know that they're part of a team, and that everyone works together to get the job done. In this case, several other experienced project management staff were called in. Even members of the ownership and executive staff personally supervised the move until completion.

Step 2: Assess the Situation

- We needed to know things and we needed to know them right now. The move supervisors were split into teams to handle employee interface, path of travel, safety, and overall project management. Key contacts were made in each sector of the large office suite, so that the employees would know what to expect while they were allowed to continue with the festivities.

Step 3: Make a Plan:

We needed X trucks at Y time. We needed to move Crew A to the south side of the building, and tackle the north side after hours. We needed to check the next day's schedule to re-staff a specialty crew for computer equipment. As the saying goes, 90% preparation, 10% perspiration. And we try to get things done without breaking a sweat. 

Step 4: Execute

- If we have to work until midnight to get the job done, we will - no questions asked. In this case, we worked until midnight for most of a week. At the end of it all everyone was satisfied with a job well done. Years later, the social media company we moved remains one of the most popular in the world. People go to their cutting edge offices and marvel at the design features and furniture selection. No one knows that it was all made possible because of some quick thinking and smart working by a small local company, Bay Area Installations.

Do you need your offices to be moved? Do you need to be able to rely on the most experienced team in the business? Contact Bay Area Installations for a quote today.

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