National Logistics

Suppose you have (400) cubicles standing in Modesto, California.

You need to get enough pieces for (100) cubicles, and you need them in Champagne, Illinois by the end of next week.

Fortunately, the ambulance company in this situation made the right choice to partner with Bay Area Installations.

We conducted a site visit and preliminary inventory of their stations.

Next, we performed an expedited knock down, inventory, and packaging of the parts needed for (100) stations.

Our warehouse staff packaged everything professionally, so that pieces would be sure to arrive without damage.

Finally, we coordinated the freight using a trusted freight company, providing tracking and updated delivery information for the end user.

When the corporate contact opened the trailer, he found all the pieces he needed for his install, with packing lists and inventory sheets included.

Local BAI affiliates were soon on site to deliver and install the furniture, and the customer was up and running in no time.

With complicated projects like this one, it is important to work with a company who has experience with this type of relocation - someone who knows and can anticipate the possible problems and make to steer your project clear of them.

Trust the experienced professionals at Bay Area Installations for all your shipping and receiving needs.

We have extensive experience in local, state-wide, and national relocations and logistics.

Our team will conduct a site walkthrough to determine the best course of action.

We will work with representatives of multiple office locations to ensure that everyone is up to speed, and everything goes like clockwork.

When necessary, we work with local contacts where we don't have a proprietary facility. When possible our specialized task force will fly directly to site so that we can supervise the relocation personally.

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