Learning the Lingo: Pedestal

I am always impressed with people who can say a few words in a wide variety of languages. Here at Bay Area Installations, we are obviously experts in the office furniture lingo, such that it is. So we thought we'd do a series on some of the industry terms, so that the next time we're doing a service for you, comminucation is that much easier.


This is a pedestal. It is essentially a small stack of drawers which sits under a desk surface. Some people call it a "filing cabinet", some people a "stack of drawers". In the industry the true term is "pedestal" or "ped" for short. Peds come in all shapes and sizes, but there are certian common permutations. One is the configuration of the drawers. The small, 3" drawer is called a "pencil drawer". The middle, 6" drawer is called a "box drawer". The large 12" drawer is called a "file drawer". So you specify the type of drawers before the word "pedestal" to have a completel description of the pieces. The Ped in the above pictures is a " 6-6-12" ped - alternatively a  "box-box-file" ("bbf") ped. If the two 6" drawers were to be replaced with a 12" drawer, it would then be called a  "12-12" or "file-file" (ff) pedestal.

Pedestals can have wheels ("mobile-pedestal") or can have large bases and actuall support the worksurface ("supporting-pedestal") or can be shorter than the space allowed and actually hang from the worksurface ("hanging-pedestal"). The above pictures is a mobile-ped.

So now you know! 

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