Creative Solutions - Private Personal Storage Accounts

You may have read some prior posts about how we at Bay Area Installations embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, welcome to another segment on "Creative Solutions", featuring our private, personal storage accounts.

We've been in this business a long time and are proud of the good reputation we have developed. This reputation has led to a variety of opportunities in innovation and business growth (such as our partner, Cubiclesalescom). One such opportunity came when we were approached by an owner of one of the companies we were working for. The person in question was moving into a new home and ordering various furniture pieces to outfit the home. The problem was that work on the home was running behind schedule, and this individual had started to receive furniture from various vendors with nowhere to put it. Was there anything we could do to help? Of course there was.

Thus BAI's private, personal storage accounts were born. As a holder of such an account, you can have your good shipped directly to us. We will inspect and receive them, and store them safely in our warehouse. We will notify you what has been received. Then when you're ready for delivery, you don't need to hassle with a faceless "brand x" delivery company - your goods are already being stored by the best in the business - Bay Area Installations! You'll come to know and depend on our profession and experienced crew and our personal touch. "Family owned and operated" is something you can't fake.

The above individual in question is still using BAI for storage of some of their personal goods and is quite satisfied. When you need dependability and discretion in your private acquisitions, contact Bay Area Installations and ask about our private, personal storage accounts.