Everyone makes New Years Resolutions. It seems to be something inherent about the nature of humanity: they like to have a clean start, they think in terms of fixing that which was broken - all commendable attributes. Here at Bay Area Installations, we're making our own set of New Years Resolutions and would like to share some of them with you.

1. Greater Company Cohesion -

Bump It

One purpose of this blog is to give readers a feel for what the office furniture industry is like. At Bay Area Installations, one of our frequent tasks is to do what is called "bumping" furniture. It's not rocket science, but it does take some finesse.

Good Advice

"Sit up straight", "give a firm handshake", "look before you leap". These are all examples of adages that could fall under the heading "good advice". Yet as time has gone by, statements like these have become cliched to the point where people forget why they were created in the first place. This leads to either rejection of the advice, or blind rule following - neither are ideal. Here at Bay Area Installations, we have a unique perspective on the whitherto's and whyfores of when advice is good advice, and why it should be followed.


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